New for 1969 - The Big Chevrolet Ad

The full size Chevrolet for 1969 is one of my favorite cars, especially the station wagons with the biggest engines available. Found this full size ad photo in my digital archives today, from a 1969 Chevrolet dealer brochure I bought several years ago. Very cool stuff, with big color and snazzy Sixties ad copy. Check this out:

“Is it any wonder our competitors can’t catch us? Every time they reach out to close the gap on the big Chevrolet we go them one better. For example, the `69’s immaculately clean styling. Isn’t it enough to make you want to kick your old car? Performance gets a boost with a more powerful standard V8. And the ride has become just about as smooth as a car can get and still maintain contact with the pavement. How would you like the idea of pushing a switch and having your rear window electrically defrosted? Specify it, and it’s yours in Caprice Coupe and Impala Custom Coupe. Eleven great Chevrolet models to choose from. Match this, you other `69’s!”