From McCall’s 1970-71 Winter Issue

The delicacy of traditional Japanese painting balances sturdy simplicity of furnishing in handsome, functional entryway.  Setting by Mario Marques.

Three demure ladies are depicted in style inspired by Edo period (about 1600-1850) of Japanese art.  Our painting technique, however, is very contemporary: patterns are placed under a transparent white lining fabric, then traced with tube paints.  Crosshatch lines fill in the solid areas.  Varnished oak frames, 21 3/4″ x 30″, are accented with enamel, two yarn tassels.

Low bench holds cushion, with enough space left over for convenient end table.  Black enamel accent enhances natural oak of varnished top.  Bench, about 16″ x 39″, stand 13″ high.  Japanese Bench, page 214.

Bench cushion’s basket-weave design echoes floor pattern of paintings.  Needle-point is worked with combination of continental and upright gobelin stitches; tapestry yarn and 10-mesh-to-inch canvas are from D.M.C Cushion, measuring 13 1/2″ x 23 1/4″, fits into recessed section of bench top.

Princess telephone, N.Y. Telephone Co.; Fabric for pictures courtesy Sibonne; Photos, William Benedict