Nick Mayo caught a 1960 Chevy Impala sitting in the weeds when running errands one day. This wide-angle shot captures almost everything that made the `60 unique. This one is even more unique, because it’s a highest end model of the year but was built as a four-door sedan rather than the “Sport Sedan” four-door hardtop with a flat roof.

Around back this car would have six bullet tail lights and beautiful fins. Nice catch Nick!

Nick Exposed

I had the pleasure of running across this beautiful Chevy Impala earlier today as I was out running errands and shooting around town. I cant help but to fall in love with rusty old vehicles like this. In fact I probably find more interest in this decayed beat up Impala than I would in a fully restored garage queen (and trust me you don’t typically hear that from a car guy like myself). But theres just so much character to a car like this, you know its had its good ol’ days! The rust adds a distinguished unashamed ambiance to this once so popular vehicle. Sure its rough around the edges but it still stands with tall with confidence ready to take on a new challenge to add to the many adventures it holds in its past. They say “If only cars could talk… the stories they would tell”, well…

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