Almost nothing will bring you visions of the late 1970s faster than a vinyl compilation of Rock hits from K-Tel.

In fact I’ll go one step further and share what I see when I listen to the likes of Eddie Money, Blue Oyster Cult, Styx and Journey: Silk Kimonos, platforms, Flying Vs, a stash of Acapulco Gold, and countless throngs of blond groupies wearing Candies and Farrah flips.  Ah yes…those were the days.


This was the quintessential soundtrack of my high school before New Wave got a foothold in 1981. These songs blanketed our lives with cowbell, fuzzy distortion, and fleeting dreams of being at the forefront of Rock Domination. Some of us made it (I’m talking to you Queensryche). Most of us didn’t, choosing instead to listen, dream, and party.

Yep…those were the days indeed.