I bought my first pack of Garbage Pail Kids cards in 1986.

I missed the first two series, and got caught up in collecting them on Series 3 release.  That means I missed the most famous one from the early days: Adam Bomb.  Being 22 years old at the time, I was quite a bit past the “niche market” for this collectible. Still, being a kid who grew up reading Mad magazine and National Lampoon, I loved them for some reason. As one of my fairer friends told me one day when I was discussing GPK with her, “Look at you…a grown man talking about these like you’re eight.”

It was about that time I started buying fewer packs.

But I kept my stash. Over the years I shared a few, lost a few, and scanned a few. The images and names still crack me up 25 years later. Maybe it was the irreverent mocking of Cabbage Patch Kids that did it for me.  No matter what the cause, they became a vital part of my life’s archive, and something that I now share with my sons (who also love them).

Blue Boy George

“I bought you something,” my wife said last night when she got home. Out of her bag came two packs of Garbage Pail Kids cards. Awesome! What other wife would buy her husband GPK? She truly understands me 🙂

The packs came in one container with a Bonus card (Jack O. Lantern).

Inside was also a 3D card and a Before/After card.  My favorite in the pack?  The admittedly non-PC “Boozin’ Bruce.”

But for our purposes here at the Wall Of Retro, Dial-A-Twyla with a Rotary Phone nose is probably more appropriate!

Garbage Pail Kids are a retro item that just keep retro-ing, because they’ve been released now for a new generation to enjoy and go “Yew!” And so far they seem to be grabbing them same amount of attention as before.