The stunning Mrs. BelRedRoad got a present from her Mom in 1967, and it never went away.

When I married her, she had this at college filled with jewelry.  The Thermos went AWOL years ago, but her Monkees Lunch Box survived 40+ years holding simple contents in a gentle environment.  It’s made of plastic, with a plastic handle, and has a heavy duty metal clasp.  It has endured the years with durable character.

Just like the band itself.

With the passing of Davy Jones recently, the remaining former members of The Monkees have proven themselves to be a great bunch of guys.  As not to cause a huge stir at Jones’ private funeral, the band has chosen not to attend – working instead to remember their vocalist in a separate memorial service.  They have all become accomplished professionals in their own rights.  Mickey Dolenz is a director.  Peter Tork is a songwriter and cancer survivor.  And Peter Nesmith has been a director now for many years; he also embraced the Internet early, and was among the first in entertainment to engage fans early on over the web.

Their show – on for only two years – left a lasting mark on American culture.

So strong, in fact, that it is hard to deny the connections between their show and that of the recent Big Time Rush.  If you’re familiar with The Monkees, watch an episode of BTR and you’ll agree.

Rest In Peace, Davy.  You were a class act.