Now that’s a music system!

This is what happens when entertainment is mixed with Cold War technology.  The I.T. Guy in me loves this picture for the technology it represents.  The Music Guy in me loves that she’s surrounded by 12″ LP records.  Is that an Oscilloscope in the rack?  I also see a turntable, two reel-to-reels, a massive speaker, a rotary phone dial (?), and Bakelite knobs a-plenty.  Rivets and screws are everywhere; the whole set is built to withstand Alien Hordes, Atomically-mutated Insects, or Godless Commies.  The retro tech and style queues here are almost too numerous to mention!

The rustic blond wood paneling behind tube-style electronics is classic early 1950s. The wagon above the cabinets is a nice touch.

We Heart Vintage will appreciate the snappy dress of our pretty music fan!