triumph spitfire 1965

Car and Driver, June 1965

Check out this magazine back-cover awesomeness.

This 1965 issue of Car and Driver was in my parents’ attic, part of a magazine stash I had left behind in the 1980s.  If I remember correctly, I had purchased this issue at a thrift store for 25 cents.  Sadly this back cover didn’t fare well, and it’s covered with wear lines.

Doesn’t detract from the Spitfire cool factor though.

The car was low slung and swift.  While not overpowered, it had enough to excite.  The swoopy body work had the classic lines of a British roadster.  Nothing like a drive in one of these on a sunny day.  And the name?  Pulled straight from a World War II fighter plane that is heralded as the Savior Of Britain: the Supermarine Spitfire.

Triumph made the Spitfire for 18 years.  I still see them around, but not in the same numbers as even twenty years ago.  Nice to see them when I do however!

Triumph Spitfire 4 MkII

Courtesy of Sicnag (Creative Commons)