While unpacking a box in the garage, I discovered a section’s worth of classified ads from a 1978 issue of The Seattle Times.  Flipping through it got me two things: First, an artsy ad from the late-great Frederick & Nelson department store, and this article about “Romantic Lace.”  When the stunning Mrs. BelRedRoad saw it next to the scanner yesterday, she was shocked.  “Oh my…That’s the dress I wore to my Middle School dance in 1978.”  Not surprised.

And she probably looked darned cute in it too.

The late 1970s seemed to be a time of organic color and material.  America was coming off a wave of “going natural” and entering an era of tech, brighter colors, and disco.  1978 was stuck in the middle, with fabric chosen for its earthy tones but with cuts that were more dramatic, slimming, or fitted.  Gone were the hippie sack dresses, but the material used to make them was still around.  Lace around the edges of this dress is a good example of tapping the past to create style for the coming year.

In high school many of my female classmates dressed this way, often teetering on a pair of Candies.

The article below talks about the history of lace and how it tied into the styles of 1978.  Fun reading.  If you click on the picture it will expand larger for easier reading.  Enjoy!