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Farrah Fawcett Commercial for Mercury [1975]

There’s no denying that she ushered in an amazing era for hair.

Farrah Fawcett was well known in the 1970s for her glorious blond mane, cut and styled to look like a natural flow – but likely requiring over an hour of primping and care to look that way.  No matter: The hair was amazing, and she was beautiful even without it.

I came across this one-minute spot for Mercury Cougar from 1975, starring Farrah and the traditional big cat.  The car is the least noteworthy thing in the commercial, being a typical malaise-era Ford product – “wrapped in glove-soft vinyl,” equipped with an emissions-choked V8 engine giving dismal MPG, and offering dubious overall quality control.  But for this brief minute – with Farrah driving – the Cougar XR-7 is a Chariot to The Goddess.

Rest In Peace Farrah.


Photo courtesy of Rob Hartog

Film Photography Lives On!

Read a great post this morning that outlined how a new generation has embraced film photography on Alternative Photography…or Lomography…for those who don’t know yet.

It’s an excellent write up on how photography has been taken back to a medium where the unpredictable and the grainy are expected and embraced – all in a world where the perfection of digital has taken over almost all venues.  In a way, shooting film is a backlash the perfection that digital photography offers.

Lois Poolside, Kodachrome Slide [1971]

Lois, Poolside

Courtesy of The Pie Shops, which recently bought a 2000-slide collection showing Rex & Lois (last name unknown) as they traveled around the Western US and Mexican in the 1960s and 70s.

Love her sunglasses.

If I didn’t know this was taken in 1971, I would almost be convinced into thinking it was more recent!

Reviving the Mississippi Queen

From a vastly underrated band, this song has the ability to define an era.

Not many songs are given that right, but the chosen few that stick in our heads from days past are quick to remind us of lives lived, events attended, and friends well known. Mississippi Queen by Mountain is one of those songs. The blues influence, gritty guitars, signature cowbell, and howling/growling vocals from Leslie West tell us how the counter-culture world sounded 40 years ago.

Released in 1970, Mississippi Queen appeared as part of the soundtrack for the movie Vanishing Point in 1971. It is said to have influenced the sound of heavy rock for the next four decades.  Since 1970 it has remained a steady part of the Classic Rock radio format, covered by scores of rock bands, and even been rerecorded by Ozzy Osbourne .  Mississippi Queen – in all its screaming fuzzy goodness – manages to sound good to metal heads like me even today, a feat not possible with some of the pop sounds of that era.  To understand its impact, the best way is to hear it.

This video blends  with movie footage from the time.

But also in a well-deserved homage – not only to the song but also to its genre – The Regular Show on Cartoon Network used Mississippi Queen this year in an episode, singlehandedly reviving interest in the song once again.  Even my sons – 10 and 6 – like the song now!  Three of the characters were challenged at a party to drink a huge concoction of hot sauce and leftovers.  The result of their challenge is really best when viewed:

Being paid tribute in an irreverent cartoon is probably one of the best awards the song could ever get.


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Eastern Airlines Commercial [1965]

Glimpses of Lockheed, Boeing 720, and 727 airliners – in glorious Black & White.  I love the screech of a 1960s jet engine.  Rest In Peace Eastern Airlines [1926 – 1991]

EAL 727 N8154G

Courtesy Michael Bludworth (Creative Commons Lic.)

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