There’s no denying that she ushered in an amazing era for hair.

Farrah Fawcett was well known in the 1970s for her glorious blond mane, cut and styled to look like a natural flow – but likely requiring over an hour of primping and care to look that way.  No matter: The hair was amazing, and she was beautiful even without it.

I came across this one-minute spot for Mercury Cougar from 1975, starring Farrah and the traditional big cat.  The car is the least noteworthy thing in the commercial, being a typical malaise-era Ford product – “wrapped in glove-soft vinyl,” equipped with an emissions-choked V8 engine giving dismal MPG, and offering dubious overall quality control.  But for this brief minute – with Farrah driving – the Cougar XR-7 is a Chariot to The Goddess.

Rest In Peace Farrah.


Photo courtesy of Rob Hartog