In 1975 I was hanging out with my friend Doug at his house, talking about cars and listening to records.  He pulled out a new disc from the band Sweet, best known at the time for the songs Ballroom Blitz and Fox On The Run.  The album was Desolation Boulevard, and it bowled me over.

The heavy guitar work, unstoppable percussion, whiplash guitar licks, and high vocal harmonies were like nothing I had ever heard before.  From a young age I was immersed in rock; by nine I was listening to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, BTO, and Grand Funk.  Sweet was different.  For them, rock sensibility was laid over pop lyrics, cocksure demeanor, and unbelievable precision.

Ten years later I found a copy of Desolation Boulevard at a used record store, and I have it to this day.

Sweet - Desolation Boulevard

While overshadowed by other Glam Rockers like Ziggy Stardust, Gary Glitter, and even KISS, they cut a place for themselves into the annals of 70s rock by creating skate rink-worthy hits and using their equipment to the ends of their abilities.  As it was with many bands of the time, Sweet disintegrated, reformed, exploded, reunited, and began touring again over the next 30+ years. Mick Tucker died in 2002 of Lukemia, and one original member – Andy Scott – continues to perform Sweet songs.


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