NuTone 1

A friend moved into new digs this year, and was confronted by the most comprehensive 1960s Com System she had ever seen.

It was wired throughout the two-story house, with speaker and microphones in many of the rooms.  There was even a speaker out on the porch that overlooks the city.  Most of it still works, and we have parties there under the glorious umbrella of AM Radio.

When I was a kid this would have generated hours and hours of playtime.  The mere fact of having two-maybe-three intercoms in a house could help children imagine all sorts of stuff.  original Star Trek episodes could be reenacted. Submarine adventures – Dive Dive Dive!  Even pretending to be a chef calling out orders in a really big kitchen.

The possibilities are endless.

Check out these detail shots:

NuTone 2

Hallway Intercom

NuTone 3

Room Intercom

NuTone 4

Space-Age Nutone logo

NuTone 5

Skyline of Bellevue WA under the roof-mounted Nuton deck intercom

NuTone 6

Intercom Command Center in the Dining Room

NuTone 7

“Remotes” – nothing wireless here; slide switches communicate with each room.

For the record, Nutone is still around – making intercoms, security systems, even bathroom fan assemblies. Sadly none of the products have that awesome space-age logo!