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Dental Health Week! [1977]

Elgin County Ontario celebrated Dental Health Week starting April 23, 1977 – by launching a ginormous toothbrush into their fantastic wood paneling. The smiles, the haircuts, and the horn-rimmed glasses say it all: They’re using Ultra-Brite!

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn set a standard in style and poise that many strive for – and only few duplicate. Her portraits are timeless, worthy of any and all accolades poured upon them.

Absolute Class.

Avon Perfume Truck

Given to my son for free by a vendor at a swap meet in Monroe WA.  It’s listed on the bottom as a 1973 Ford Ranger.  The perfume still smelled very dime-store when I emptied the bottle!

Orange Top [1970]

I love photography from the late 1960s and early 1970s; people experimented with perspective, and created looks that were new and bold.  I won’t say anything about the top’s color, because the model is hot enough to make Orange Circus Peanuts look good!


McCall’s Winter 1970-71 Issue

Silkience Sample and Brochure

Silkience Shampoo Sample - 1979

Straight from the back of a junk drawer!

Just like the Body On Tap that found in our kitchen, this free sample from 1979 was also wedged out of view behind rubber bands, tape, and all sorts of when-you-need-it.  I vaguely remember the phony infrared commercials from Silkience, showing how their conditioner would “self-adjust” and go only where hair needed it most.  Did I try it?

No way.

I figured opening a 30-year old sample of conditioner would be a rancid recipe for disaster!

Body On Tap Shampoo

Body On Tap Sample

As my oldest son was digging frantically through the kitchen junk drawer, looking for tape, he asked “Dad? What’s Body On Tape?” He brought me a sample of Body On Tap shampoo.

Remember this stuff?

Seems that he made a find that nobody in the house knew was still around. Three different shampoo samples got pushed way to the back of the drawer around 1980; this beer-based product – touting tremendous body and shine – was one of them. And who better than Cristina Ferrare – queen of the suave Seventies look – to endorse it? The product must have worked, because she bagged John DeLorean.

Sad to see that the 15-cent coupon expired almost 30 years ago 🙂

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