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Happy Hubba Hubba Holidays! [1962]


Wouldn’t you rather be at a warm beach for the Holidays?

Meriam De Shazo and Kenna Morris sure did in this Florida promo from 1962!  Here they decorate a Christmas Tree on a Pensacola beach in Florida in this photo by Jim Stokes.

Christmas Party [1952]

Photo courtesy of Seattle Municipal Archives

Photo courtesy of Seattle Municipal Archives

Straight from the City of Seattle file cabinets comes this gem of vintage holiday goodness!

The bare tree in the background says it all: It’s Christmas in the Public Sector. Look at the executives in suits, men in working linemen attire and “the office girl” in her stylish skirt and blouse; they’re just having a good time over coffee and cookies.  No doubt there’s ashtrays on those tables, filled with stubbed-out Pall Malls.

Hard to believe this picture is sixty years old! For more vintage public awesomeness, check out their photostream on Flickr.

Green Bean Supreme [1970]


After seeing this in the Pillsbury Entertainment Idea Handbook, I decided to add it to the blog post I was writing about all the pictures. But the more I looked at the photo above, the more I wanted to eat it. Something about it looked good.  Helps that I love green beans, and also that the stunning Mrs. BelRedRoad loves to cook.  She decided to make them for Easter 2012.

First thing she noticed was that mushrooms weren’t part of the recipe.

The ingredients were pretty simple: green beans, celery, and almonds.  The two latter items are sauteed before they’re mixed with the beans.  While our results looked different from the 1970 picture, they tasted great!

From: Party Like It’s 1970

Fruitcake Tin

As my sister puts it, "Nothing to me says fruitcake like a cowboy with a lasso."

Not exactly sure what The Alamo has to do with a Charles Dickens Christmas on the lid, but I’ll just go with it. This tin has been making the rounds in my family long enough to be recognized by two generations. It has no barcodes anywhere on the tin. The fruitcake is long gone, and probably never got eaten. But these days the tin appears at family functions crammed with cookies.

Yippee Ky-Yay!

9 1/2 Minutes to Velvet Smoothness

Indeed, this Borden fruitcake would probably be king in the realm of brown loggy desserts filled with stuff.  It was advertised in the December 1966 American Home, and brought to you here courtesy of Visiting Vintage.

Frosty Mandarin Dessert

From Wall Of Retro

Straight out of the past, and into the Thanksgiving feast.

This year my wife dug out The New Joys of Jell-O recipe book from 1973 for our offering at Thanksgiving dinner.  Her choice: Frosty Mandarin Dessert:

From Wall Of Retro

Duplicating the recipe wasn’t cut and dry; she was not able to find full-on orange sherbet, and had to settle for orange/vanilla swirl. Still tasted good though!

Thanksgiving Dessert, 2011

From Wall Of Retro

Recipe and book ©1973 General Foods

Happy Thanksgiving from Wall Of Retro

Bellevue, 1969 / Photo credit Jana Robertson

I’m thankful for Jana Robertson, who provided this vintage Thanksgiving picture from 1969 (she’s in a middle behind the candle).

Hope you have a safe and happy holiday, filled with friends and good memories!

Christmas 1972

Me and older sister standing in front of the tree.  Love the yellow shawl and shiny suit jacket.  I shared my memories of this moment and the year surrounding it on Intersect.

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