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The Ideal Modern Kitchen [1945]


While now it may look like the backup kitchen at a big city church built in the 1930s, this Ideal Modern Kitchen from The Lily Wallace New American Cook Book would have been the bee’s knees in its day.  Check out the mural; do you have a mural along the ceiling in your kitchen? How about the big hanging lights which are designed to take 200-watt bulbs that sweat blistering heat from 10 feet up? Rounded corners on the cabinets? I want those now. 

Truthfully I’d cook here; a perfect upgrade – aside from the electrical system – would be stainless steel appliances.  And I’d keep the mural 🙂

OCD Picnic Kit [1967]

“So perfect, in muted tones that won’t excite.  Each utensil lined up in predictable neutral-colored routine.  Perfect. Smooth. Unblemished.  The matching beverage containers bring me comfort in their balance, placed identically on each side of the spotless case. Routine. Linear.

Wait…that one spoon is a half-inch off balance from the rest, and the handle is crossing over another.  Breath deep…focus, focus.  Feng Shui, Feng Shui, Feng Shui…tell yourself that all is well.  Balance still exists, and the case is still clean. Clean…clean…You can uncross the spoon and the world won’t end.  Just one little move and all will be right.

Oh no…the handles on the cups aren’t lined up.

I’m starting to itch. Clean…clean…”

Vintage Shakin’

African Salt Pepper Toothpick Set

These beauties are straight out of the 1960s or 70s, and came from Africa.  They are ringed with porcupine quills.  My parents worked in the Missions field when I was little, and had many colleagues who were stationed in Africa.  These came back as a gift, and were actively used at our dinner table the entire time I lived at home.

How did I end up with them?

As my folks have gotten older, they are more than willing to let some things go from the past.  One sister and I are fairly sentimental about the past, while the other sister is not quite as much.  Each of us has a certain household item that we hold near and dear, as a reference point in growing up.

And for me, it’s this shaker and toothpick set that I love looking at…while my wife just sort of scratches her head.

I’ve got them at work now 🙂

African Toothpick Holder

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