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Jantzen (and Marshmallow Circus Peanut) Spoken Here [1967]

Jantzen - 1967

Scan courtesy of RChappo2002

There’s coordination, and then there’s saturation. This golfer seems to have lost a ball, but found a fan. She likes that every bit of clothing is the color of a circus snack, and that he can hold a putter with the confidence of a king.  His hair is assurance that comb-overs exist even when they aren’t required.

Founded in 1910, Jantzen Sportswear still exists as a division of Perry Ellis.

King Richard and his Trans Am

Richard Petty / Goodyear - Motor Trend July 1982

A number of years ago I started collecting car magazines from the late 1970s and early 1980s, to salvage their advertisements for sale on eBay. This one – for some reason – never got sold!

Richard Petty is one of the best-known racers in NASCAR. He is still involved with racing, only not behind the wheel. The Petty family is firmly planted both in the fabric and legend of the sport, with multiple generations being involved.

The King is leaning against a 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, available with a fuel-injected 5.0 liter V8 and automatic transmission.

Schwinn Hollywood 24 Bicycle [1970]

Schwinn Bicycle 1970

They could be found all over America back in the day.

Schwinn bicycles of the past were built like tanks, which makes them collectible today. And in the 1970s, it almost seemed as if each one was made in the same color: Varsity Green. Today, many of those bikes survive in storage, thanks to sheds, basements, and garages all over America.  Parts are still available to keep the bikes working, and what can’t be found can be replaced with current technology.

Schwinn Collegiate Ten Speed - 1970

The pictures just above are from the stunning Mrs. BelRedRoad’s “owners manual,” which came with her first grown-up bike – a 1970 Schwinn Hollywood 24:

Hollywood Before

1970 Schwinn Hollywood 24 Before

As with many things in our home, we still have it. The bike was leaning against the wall in the garage when I married her.  It could be ridden, which she demonstrated for our oldest son in 2007 when he asked about the bike, but the tires were rotten. At that point she mentioned passively how fun it would be to have this bike in riding condition again, so secretly I started gathering parts to do just that.  The project also gave me the opportunity to update it while keeping a retro feel.  The results were unique:

Hollywood After

Hollywood 24 After Customizing

The bike shined up nicely.  The chrome fenders – even with their minor dents – polished well and shine in the sun.  The wheels have 144 spokes each; many of the parts were purchased from a lowrider bicycle shop in Redwood CA.  The leather saddle and leather tiki grips are from Electra Bikes.  A full write-up on what I did is HERE. The Hollywood is now a smooth rider with a lot of character.  And these days, the 5-year old who asked about it in 2007 is big enough to ride it!

Of course he’ll have to pry it away from Mrs. BelRedRoad first 🙂


Tube Socks and Urethane


Photo Credit: Nick DeWolf

Steve Lundeen has the monumental – and voluntary – task of archiving his late father-in-law’s photographs.  After all, the man he is preserving on the Internet through Flickr took thousands upon thousand of photos.

Nick DeWolf was a scientist, dreamer, and voracious photographer who documented the world around him – pretty much for the heck  of it – from the 1950s until his death in 2006.   As of this writing, Steve had scanned and posted over 52,000 of Nick’s photos.  His scenes were of everything: people, buildings, cars, landscapes, boats, and tons throughout North America.  He had an eye for reality; rather than capturing what a marketing firm wanted the viewer to remember of the time, Nick had the ability to save the real world.  He saw the warmth of life and somehow harnessed it on film.  While the photos here are clearly from the late 1970s, the subject matter doesn’t look so out of date that it makes the viewer laugh.  Nick’s gift seemed to come from stealth, a long lens, and knowing where to put his subject almost without looking.

The pictures depicted here are only a few of his shots from an unnamed skateboarding championship that occurred in Aspen Colorado during the summer of 1977.  The colors are beautiful.  The subject matter so very 70s.  There are over 100 photos from the meet in Nick’s Roll # 97, compiled with others from a backyard trampoline party and a horse show.  All told, there are nearly 900 photos in that collection alone.


Photo Credit: Nick DeWolf


Photo Credit: Nick DeWolf


Photo Credit: Nick DeWolf


Photo Credit: Nick DeWolf


Photo Credit: Nick DeWolf


Photo Credit: Nick DeWolf


Photo Credit: Nick DeWolf


Photo Credit: Nick DeWolf


Photo Credit: Nick DeWolf


Photo Credit: Nick DeWolf


Photo Credit: Nick DeWolf


Photo Credit: Nick DeWolf


Photo Credit: Nick DeWolf


Photo Credit: Nick DeWolf


Photo Credit: Nick DeWolf


Nick Dewolf’s Aspen Roll, 1977 – reel #97

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