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1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible


Back in the day, this was the compact Cadillac.

“Personal Luxury” was coined to represent cars which carried the same amount of richness in a so-called “smaller package.”  The first Eldorados were built in 1967, coinciding with the 1966 release of the Olds Toronado.  Both rode on a front-wheel drive chassis.

The 1976 model was to be the last Cadillac convertible, due to new US safety standards.  When I was 11 years old I asked my Dad to take me to a Cadillac dealer so I could see one up close.  He obliged, and the salesman was happy to show a wide-eye kid towards a convertible model.  It was the most fantastic thing I’d ever seen.  I walked out of the dealership with a 1976 Cadillac brochure, which I still have today.

Because it was to be the last convertible, collectors bought them and stored them away.  In the 1980s convertible models came out again.  Collectors got mad. Some sued.

In the end, the 1976 Eldorado in any form is still one of my favorite cars.

The Amarilla Overlords Want You To Forget All Other Colors


Behold: A citrus sea of Summer hues that envelope and conquer your senses.

And your common sense.

As you stand at the sink peeling potatoes, the lines in the walls start moving in the corners of your vision.  Around the corner the clock ticks louder, and the disembodied tomatoes begin a droning chant of “Prepare the sacrifice.” Soon, all other colors disappear as your eyes atrophy to the the reds blues and greens of life.  There is nothing else for you now. Only yellow. Love yellow.

You have been Amarillamated.


Seen in Homeowners Magazine – How To Vol 03 No 2 Mar-Apr 1978 / Scan courtesy of

Vintage COLOR Seattle Seafair Coverage [1952]

It’s a really big deal around here, and it has been for a long time! Check out this 25-minute film recently posted by Seattle’s KIRO TV, showing the annual Seafair festival in full swing back in 1952. This is the good stuff, and such a gem being in color too!

Typewriters and Bunny Ears [1967]

Typewriters and Bunny Ears by KurtClark
Typewriters and Bunny Ears, a photo by KurtClark on Flickr.

Dateline: Sand Point AK – While frantically typing away to capture the story, the reporter’s friends do everything in their power to keep the story from happening. Is this collusion of rivals, or good-hearted ribbing? Only the resulting article will tell.

Uncle Doug and The Harley

Uncle Doug and The Harley by KurtClark
Uncle Doug and The Harley, a photo by KurtClark on Flickr.

Always fun to see family photos like this. My Uncle Doug was jist a kid when he was put on the seat of this hardtail. Our family has a long history with motorcyles; my Grandpa Harlow rode Harley-Davidson in high school during the 1920s, and I ride a Sportster today. Given that, I’m not surprised that this picture exists!

Space Needle and Seattle Center [1970]

I willingly and proudly post pictures of the Seattle of my youth whenever I have a chance! Photo is courtesy of the Seattle Municipal Archives, and looks east towards the Cascade Mountain Range. Photographer would have been airborne above Elliott Bay.

Dear Kids of Today: We Didn’t Always have Smartphones

Journalist Lucy Morgan shows us how we documented the world around us in 1985, with her video tape camera and analog brick phone!

Now an iPhone or Android device does everything she is doing here, and then some. Granted, Morgan was a reporter using professional equipment, but you get the idea.

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