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Family Portrait [1970]

Going through old photos with my sisters today at our parents’ house after Easter Dinner. My Mom put together an envelope for each of us kids, filled with all sorts of gems from the past. This is one of them, taken somewhere along Puget Sound in Western Washington. We had recently moved the Washington, so my “Sand Point Alaska” sweatshirt still fit my 6-year old frame.

Of course my sisters are super cute!

3rd Birthday with Bert & Ernie Cake [1982]

Happy Birthday to Jordan Smith, aka The Pie Shops Collection on Flickr – who is part of a dedicated crew who document the last four decades through Americana and vintage media. His photostream is one of my favorites!

Check it out here >

“And this emulsion makes peroxide more effective on hair.”

I couldn’t help captioning this 1971 photo when I saw the ‘do behind the apparatus! According to the Elgin County, Ontario archives, this is actually a working model of the human heart-lung system – instead of a contraption to make one more blond.

But I can dream! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Electric Company 1971

My neighbors are clearing 60+ years worth of stuff out of their home, and this part of the record collection they gave us!

I remember watching this show, but didn’t know that Morgan Freeman played character Easy Reader. Learn something new each day!

Voss Deluxe Typewriter [1959}

Black & White is really the only color for a picture like this!

Product picture of Voss Model S-24, courtesy of the Calouste Gulbenkian Art Library in Portugal. The smooth lines, the smell of the dusty ribbon, and the tap-tap-tap-ZIPPPP! of the action is stuck in my head from using typewriters through 1990. While I never used something as stylish as this thing back in the day, my Mom’s Underwood was quite a performer.

More about the European Voss brand here.

Vintage Purple Tonka-mino

Twenty-five cents at the local church Rummage Sale! It’s BelRedRoad Jr. Approved ๐Ÿ™‚

Bonnie Tyler Needs A Hero [1984]


In a fast-paced homage to Westerns and Prell Shampoo, the 80s classic Holding Out for a Hero reverberates across parts of your brain that haven’t been used since Reagan was in office. ย The orchestration – likely synthesized – sweeps like the American terrain, and lassos the listener like the cowboys who come busting through Bonnie’s door.

Wanton desperation had the most fantastic perm.

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