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Shiny New Cadillacs [1966}

These are from the era “when Giant Cars ruled the Earth.” I see a white Coupe deVille in the back, and a pair of Fleetwoods. With all that floor-to-ceiling glass and shiny chrome, that is MY kind of dealership!

Scan courtesy of X-Ray Delta One on Flickr

Afghan Awesomeness [1966]

Bernat Afghans VII

A thrift store treasure, beyond measure 🙂

I found this brief catalog – Bernat Afghans’ Contemporary and Traditional Styles, Book no. 132 – in a Long Beach WA shop for a whopping 25-cents. Initially I thought it would be a nice addition to Wall Of Retro – one which could dish out some of the cheesiness that only the mid-1960s could provide. Yet, as I began looking through the publication, I discovered that the pictures were just short of amazing. Staged without looking staged. Telling multiple stories, while giving focus to the subject of the catalog. The photographer employed a delicate depth of field in the work, and a film used duplicated the subject’s colors at an amazing level.

In short, I was duped by 25-cents worth of awesomeness.

While I was taken in by the quality of the photography, the stunning Mrs. BelRedRoad was smitten with the afghans themselves. “That’s beautiful work,” she said of the first one she saw, “and expensive.”

Bernat Afghans VIII

The stories depicted in these pictures are ones of relaxation, wonder, longing, and tranquility. In a sense, a warm afghan should be providing at least a couple of those – even ones that don’t cost big bucks. Check out these pictures; aside from being a warm time capsule of the Sixties, they also embody the feelings and softness in life which many of us want.

Bernat Afghans XX

I always make sure my chauffeur has an afghan handy…

Bernat Afghans XIV

Bernat Afghans VI

Bernat Afghans III

Bernat Afghans II

Bernat Afghans I

Bernat Afghans XVIII

Bernat Afghans XVII

Bernat Afghans XIII

Bernat Afghans XII

Bernat Afghans X

Bernat Afghans V

Bernat Afghans IV

Bernat Afghans IX

Bernat Afghans XI

Bernat Afghans XV

Bernat Afghans XVI

Jack Jones – What Now My Love [1966]

Smoother than the fender of a Galaxie 500 and twice as powerful! Jack Jones has one of the cleanest voices in the business!

Mr. Music See N Say [1966]

Another trinket from our family archives!

The stunning Mrs. BelRedRoad has owned this Mattel See N Say ever since she was a little girl in 1966 – about the time these photos were taken in Staten Island NY.  I have known about this toy almost as long as I’ve known her.  Recently pulled out of storage, I decided it was time to document its existence and record its sounds.

The audio is activated by a pull string, and comes from a small record player inside the toy.

Watch the video below – which I took with the help of BelRedRoad Jr. while he pointed to each instrument and pulled the string.  My wife’s favorite sound is “Guitar!” which she and her brother will randomly quote off to each other at family events.


Going Through the Slides on Staten Island [1966]

Going Through the Slides - ca. 1966

Family friends are seen here going through photographic slides in 1966, on a card table my in-laws’ living room on Staten Island NY.  I love her pearls, her smile, and the look on his face.  Classic black & white Sixties.

We still own/use that Samsonite folding table, 46 years later.  I probably have the slides they are looking through.  The photo was taken with this Yashica 44 camera, probably by my father-in-law. Some Wall Of Retro visitors will recognize this to be the same home as this post!

1966 Wedding Photo

Phillip Pessar found a wedding album from the mid-1960s in a thrift store. This is one of the photos from the twenty in the collection. The trim around the lapels of his tux are classic.  I love the cloth seats of that interior; the material is not only shiny but – I know this from experience – it’s also a bit slippery.  From the shape of the window to the right of the couple, I think the car may be a full-size 1965-66 Lincoln.

Check out the white arm rests – they match the bride!


Photo courtesy of Phillip Pessar (Creative Commons Licensing)
Original Photo Link

9 1/2 Minutes to Velvet Smoothness

Indeed, this Borden fruitcake would probably be king in the realm of brown loggy desserts filled with stuff.  It was advertised in the December 1966 American Home, and brought to you here courtesy of Visiting Vintage.

Party Like It’s 1966

My father-in-law was stationed in New York City during the mid-1960s.  During his tour he took a lot of pictures around NYC, most of which I have now.

These photos are from an officers’ party they had at their Staten Island home one night in 1966.

That’s my future wife sneaking snacks from the table.  She’s still cute 🙂

We still have the orange and green lamps in this picture!

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