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Keith Mansfield – Exclusive Blend [1969]

If this groovy instrumental doesn’t make your foot move involuntarily, then check your shoe for cement.

Keith Mansfield is a British composer/arranger who had knack for summing up a mood in the short time required by the broadcasting projects he scored. His songs are a time capsule of the 1960s and 70s and, in my opinion, full of quality and nuance that is sometimes overshadowed by goofiness of the era. His song Funky Fanfare has even been used as recently as 2010 for the theme song for Pit Boss.

This is the good stuff!

Empire State Building – Summer 1969


Published in LIFE magazine during that magical time, in an equally magical New York City. The old world blended and clashed with the new that Summer, with colors and styles which spoke more about individuality than they did about being part of the big picture.

Or the Big Apple.

The photo above was taken by Vernon Merritt III, a veteran photographer by the time he captured New York that summer. Merritt was fearless in his job; he covered the Civil Rights Movement in the early 60s, and also got wounded – and temporarily paralyzed – while on assignment during the Vietnam War.  He stayed with LIFE magazine as a photographer until it closed up shop in 1972 (it launched again later in the decade).  Merritt died in 2000.

In this picture I love his juxtaposition of old and new: Empire State Building – by that time several decades old – and a construction crane representing the dawn of a new high rise. It’s a beautiful and simple image.

Click HERE for more photos from Vernon Merritt.



By far one of the finer offerings of the late 1960s was the Plymouth Barracuda.

Considered a small car by Sixties standards, the “Cuda was part of what came to be known as “The Pony Car Movement.”  The name was derived from its competitive relationship with the Ford Mustang, but in reality the Barracuda had been on the market before the Mustang was introduced in mid-1964.

The final model hit the street in 1974.

The Barracuda came with 6-cylinder or V8 engines.  Large motors were available in special packages, which made the car meaner and faster.  While Plymouth as a car make is no more, there is talk about the next Chrysler super car to be based on the famous `Cuda name.

Photo courtesy Wikipedia


Photo courtesy Tom Hardin – 1983

1968 Plymouth Barracuda 2-Door Fastback (1 of 6)

Photo by Randy von Liski

14 December 1969 – The Jackson 5 Performs for the First Time on the Ed Sullivan Show


In many ways they changed the face of popular music, and on this day in 1969 the Jackson 5 also wowed the TV audiences of America when they played the Ed Sullivan Show.

The Jackson 5 started playing in 1964; their debut album “Diana Ross Presents…” was released in December 1069 and coincided with their performance on network television.  They would go on to rule much of pop radio in the 1970s.  The band became famous by focusing on a blend of soul, R&B, tight musicianship, and swift dance moves.  Well-crafted songs written by “The Corporation” at Motown also helped.   My sister absolutely loved the Jackson 5, and hearing any song they did between 1969 and 1975 makes me think of her.

Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon still perform today as The Jacksons.

Happy Thanksgiving from Wall Of Retro

Bellevue, 1969 / Photo credit Jana Robertson

I’m thankful for Jana Robertson, who provided this vintage Thanksgiving picture from 1969 (she’s in a middle behind the candle).

Hope you have a safe and happy holiday, filled with friends and good memories!

The Big Chevrolet

New for 1969 - The Big Chevrolet Ad

The full size Chevrolet for 1969 is one of my favorite cars, especially the station wagons with the biggest engines available. Found this full size ad photo in my digital archives today, from a 1969 Chevrolet dealer brochure I bought several years ago. Very cool stuff, with big color and snazzy Sixties ad copy. Check this out:

“Is it any wonder our competitors can’t catch us? Every time they reach out to close the gap on the big Chevrolet we go them one better. For example, the `69’s immaculately clean styling. Isn’t it enough to make you want to kick your old car? Performance gets a boost with a more powerful standard V8. And the ride has become just about as smooth as a car can get and still maintain contact with the pavement. How would you like the idea of pushing a switch and having your rear window electrically defrosted? Specify it, and it’s yours in Caprice Coupe and Impala Custom Coupe. Eleven great Chevrolet models to choose from. Match this, you other `69’s!”

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