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Dave Grusin – Fuzz [1972]


Let’s face facts: The Ford Torino, made famous in TV Shows like Starsky & Hutch or Streets Of San Francisco, deserves a theme song by Dave Grusin.

The Golden Nugget [1972]

Vegas 1972 [public domain]

Came across this awesome picture taken in Downtown Las Vegas in the early 1970s, as part of the Documerica Project.  Charles O’Rear – retired longtime National Geographic photographer – took it during his travels around the American Southwest.  In 1972, the Vegas Strip was new and the downtown core of original casinos still ruled the roost.  After a long decline, the older part of Vegas began seeing a resurgence in activity that now gives visitors a taste of what the town was like in the days of the Rat Pack.

Below is a picture of the same corner – courtesy Google camera car – circa 2009.  The 4 Queens Casino is still across the street.  The overhead covering in the picture is part of Vegas’ famous Fremont Street Light Show.

The Golden Nugget Casino – On Wiki

Charles O’Rear’s view of The American Southwest – On Flickr

Bio for Charles O’Rear – On Wine Views

Elton John’s Honky Chateau on Cassette Tape – 1972

There isn’t anything cheaper at Goodwill than a cassette tape.

Elton John - ##### Chateau on Cassette Tape

As a man who lived through the Seventies and Eighties, it’s hard to accept that cassettes are a dying technology. But it is what it is; people clear out their music from the past, and the tapes either get trashed or donated. At Goodwill, to get a portable copy of a classic album I grew up wearing out on vinyl was a whopping ten cents. Yep…a Dime. And this copy – if not from 1972 – is pretty close to it; the cassette is heavy by comparison to all the mix tapes I made in the Eighties. The rainbow label jumps out as to say, “I’m full of freedom baby!”

It doesn’t play all that hot; I’m not surprised, given that it’s older than most of my coworkers. But nevertheless it’s a nice trip down memory lane to hear such songs as the title track or Rocket Man. But my favorite track from the album was neither of those. I much prefer “Suzie (Dramas)” over anything else on that album.  It’s got a funky groove and the classic hard-charging piano that Elton was known for back in the day.

Despite the degraded sound, ten cents never sounded so good!

Tom Jones in Florida [1972]

Tom Jones, second from left, stands with band members for a group portrait: Fort Lauderdale, Florida between February and May 1972. Didn’t know they made shrink-wrap pants back then…

This 8×10 was taken by Roy Erickson, a professional photographer in the Ft. Lauderdale area affiliated with the Best of Broward magazine for over 10 years. His photo collection on Flickr is like a vacation to Retroville!

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Christmas 1972

Me and older sister standing in front of the tree.  Love the yellow shawl and shiny suit jacket.  I shared my memories of this moment and the year surrounding it on Intersect.

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