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Retro Selfie [1979]

Retro Selfie [1979]

Sometimes a self-portrait captures youth in its beautiful stages. This is not one of them. I was 15 and messing around with my camera and tripod at home. The mesh trucker hat – now revered once more after years of being reviled – sings praises to the kind of muffler I had installed on my first car. The snap-up plaid shirt was well worn and – quite frankly – a bit small for me even then. If it weren’t for the sweet 70s lamp in the background, this scene could be mistaken for the swinging entry doors of a saloon. I didn’t know much about composition back then.

But I sure knew how to look like the guy who delivered your paper on a beat-up BMX bike!

Silkience Sample and Brochure

Silkience Shampoo Sample - 1979

Straight from the back of a junk drawer!

Just like the Body On Tap that found in our kitchen, this free sample from 1979 was also wedged out of view behind rubber bands, tape, and all sorts of when-you-need-it.  I vaguely remember the phony infrared commercials from Silkience, showing how their conditioner would “self-adjust” and go only where hair needed it most.  Did I try it?

No way.

I figured opening a 30-year old sample of conditioner would be a rancid recipe for disaster!

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