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When Yuban Wasn’t in A Can


My mother-law states these carafes came filled with Yuban coffee; the cap is stamped with a price of $1.15.  I estimate them to be vintage 1970-71.  Yet another artifact that was extracted deep from the back of a laundry room shelf!  I actually think they look kind of cool.

And I still buy Yuban in a can.

I just love the taste when made in Perky, my trusty GE Percolator.  Smooth without any bitterness, at least when perked instead of auto-dripped.  I’m not surprised that Yuban released their coffee in these special containers.  They seem to be pretty progressive; the containers of Yuban I buy now are made partially from recycled materials.  30% of their product comes from certified sensitive-farming techniques which don’t harm the rain forest.  100% of their product is made from Arabica beans.


GE Percolator

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This is Perky, our GE full-submersible percolator with coffee strength and hot water settings.  This avocado green kitchen necessity was swanky back in the day.  Still makes a great cup of coffee too.

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