Say what you want to about Disco.

It was a music to loath.  I also said my piece back in the day about how much I hated hearing it from every corner of the music world; it even seemed to bleed over into rock, with  artists like Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart adapting the smooth constant beat to songs in the late 1970s.

But as I listen to the Bee Gees now, it’s pretty clear that “good disco” has staying power.

They were a talented band of brothers.  I’m sad that we’ve lost most of them to tragedy.  The video above is noteworthy, not only for its audio but also for what appears to be vintage shots of the Las Vegas Strip.  There’s neon and signage depicting the Dunes and Sahara.  I just got back from the two-week roadtrip that went through Sin City, and anyone who’s been there in the last ten years will say that The Strip is no longer small like the video.  The music and the footage are a great blend.

Thankfully the music of the Bee Gees remains; it took a lot of hits from rockers thirty-plus years ago, but now their music survives as a postmark of quality on an era that had a lot of crud.