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Michael Landon and The Kodak Ektra – Sept 1980

Michael Landon LIFE Magazine Sept 1980

From the back cover of the September 1980 edition of LIFE Magazine come this awesome blend of history and pop culture.  Let’s take a look at each element:

Michael Landon – He was a big star, known in later life for his honesty and family values.  He died too young.

Kodak – 100 years old at the time of the ad, Kodak is hanging on by a thread and a sliver at the age of 132.

Ektra – A camera model launched in 1941 as a rangefinder, and finishing its days as a 110 compact

The Perm – It was kind of a big deal.

Pink Knit Shirt – Chip and Muffy would be so proud


Twin Lens Reflex Camera

Yashica 44 Baby Rollei TLR

A few years ago I found this squirreled away in a cabinet, along with a treasure trove of family slides taken by my in-laws. After researching the camera on the internet I found out that the film it used was obsolete but still available from a couple of sources. I just got some color film for it in the mail, and have started taking pictures with it this week. It’s quite an experience to us this camera.

Here’s my write-up at Rusty Camera.

2/4/2012 – Here’s my write-up on the first roll of film through the camera! –

Zeiss Ikon Colora F Rangefinder Camera [1963]

Zeiss Ikon Colora F Rangefinder - 1963

Bought this 35mm camera off eBay recently.  I bought it because I loved the Zeiss fold-out camera I borrowed from a friend last year.  The Colora F is from 1963, and part of a long line of rangefinders from Zeiss Ikon.  Simple operation, 50mm lens, and solid construction.  Aperture can be set from f2.8 to f22.  It has four shutter speeds: B, 30, 60, and 125.  Should work well with film speeds up to 400 here in the overcast Seattle weather.  The flash hot shoe flips up to expose a spot to insert a flash bulb (can people even buy those anymore?).

Really looking forward to running a roll through it!
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