There isn’t anything cheaper at Goodwill than a cassette tape.

Elton John - ##### Chateau on Cassette Tape

As a man who lived through the Seventies and Eighties, it’s hard to accept that cassettes are a dying technology. But it is what it is; people clear out their music from the past, and the tapes either get trashed or donated. At Goodwill, to get a portable copy of a classic album I grew up wearing out on vinyl was a whopping ten cents. Yep…a Dime. And this copy – if not from 1972 – is pretty close to it; the cassette is heavy by comparison to all the mix tapes I made in the Eighties. The rainbow label jumps out as to say, “I’m full of freedom baby!”

It doesn’t play all that hot; I’m not surprised, given that it’s older than most of my coworkers. But nevertheless it’s a nice trip down memory lane to hear such songs as the title track or Rocket Man. But my favorite track from the album was neither of those. I much prefer “Suzie (Dramas)” over anything else on that album.  It’s got a funky groove and the classic hard-charging piano that Elton was known for back in the day.

Despite the degraded sound, ten cents never sounded so good!