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Wiener Roast on the Beach `61

wiener roast

I have to admit that the 1961 version of a night out at the beach doesn’t look too bad!

Looks like they have a crock of beans, and roaring driftwood log, and plenty of hot dogs to make it through the evening.  These and other classic 60s images or recipes can be found in the Betty Crocker Outdoor Cook Book:

bc outdoor cookbook

It includes things like The Basics of Barbecuing, what kind of equipment to use, and recipes on all sorts of things to roast – from meat to vegetables.  And frankly, the artwork is awesome:

bc outdoor cookbook2

Our copy was found at a roadside antique barn for a few bucks.  I also see that eBay has copies for super cheap too.

Frosty Mandarin Dessert

From Wall Of Retro

Straight out of the past, and into the Thanksgiving feast.

This year my wife dug out The New Joys of Jell-O recipe book from 1973 for our offering at Thanksgiving dinner.  Her choice: Frosty Mandarin Dessert:

From Wall Of Retro

Duplicating the recipe wasn’t cut and dry; she was not able to find full-on orange sherbet, and had to settle for orange/vanilla swirl. Still tasted good though!

Thanksgiving Dessert, 2011

From Wall Of Retro

Recipe and book ©1973 General Foods

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