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Anthropomorphic Poker Snack

20131206_144238_NE 19th Pl

We shall call him “Egguin.”

Found in an entertainment cookbook from the late 60s / early 70s, this little guy is at the very least creative – made from a hard-boiled egg and olives. I don’t like olives all that much. ¬†But I do like imagination!

And a good piece of ham ūüôā




Wiener Roast on the Beach `61

wiener roast

I have to admit that the 1961 version of a night out at the beach doesn’t look too bad!

Looks like they have a crock of beans, and roaring driftwood log, and plenty of hot dogs to make it through the evening.  These and other classic 60s images or recipes can be found in the Betty Crocker Outdoor Cook Book:

bc outdoor cookbook

It includes things like The Basics of Barbecuing, what kind of equipment to use, and recipes on all sorts of things to roast Рfrom meat to vegetables.  And frankly, the artwork is awesome:

bc outdoor cookbook2

Our copy was found at a roadside antique barn for a few bucks.  I also see that eBay has copies for super cheap too.

Telly Savalas – Bringin’ Home The Chicken. Baby.

Telly Savalas was a Man’s Man. ¬†Some say he was The Man. It helped that he played one on TV.

No matter how he’s viewed by the masses, Telly cut profile like no other in the history of entertainment. ¬†His voice – to those of us who grew up in 1970s – is immediately recognizable. His tough/cool attitude lent itself to a unique way in every role he played. ¬†He single-handedly made¬†lollipops¬†and pork pie hats cool. ¬†From 007 Bad Guy to NYPD Good Guy, Telly did it all.

And he loved to cook.

Telly Savalas' Swingin' Trailer Pad

Bon Appetit magazine interviewed Telly Savalas for their January 1978 issue, while he was on location filming for his series Kojak. The interview was rich with his opinions on entertainment, stories of family, and wild tales dinners out in foreign countries with the likes of Rod Steiger and Peter Ustinov.  For him, dinner time was a family affair surrounded by friends and relatives. He loved all the basics: meat, fruit, and vegetables Рdone with a Mediterranean flare.

Telly Savalas Cooking

There’s something to be said for a guy who could cook, act, and had kids old enough to be the parents to his other kids. ¬†Telly was confident, strong, unique, and like no one who has graced the screen since he left us for the Great Squad Room in the sky. ¬†May he Rest In Peace.


Grilling Sixties Style

Couple outside with their grill: Cocoa Beach, Florida

Couple outside with their grill: Cocoa Beach, Florida - 1970

Today in Seattle it’s 28 degrees and frozen.¬† Makes me think of a big juicy steak on the patio!

Let’s face it: Nothing beats the good life of family and food. For centuries mankind has scorched their dinner over fire;¬†and the 1960s upped the ante by adding space-age charm to the grilling process.¬† Check out these awesome shots from the decade where meat mattered.¬† Big time.

Barbequing on a pier boat: Weeki Wachee Spring, Florida

Barbequing on a pier boat: Weeki Wachee Spring, FL - 1961

Family camping and picnicking at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

Family camping and picnicking at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park - 1966

Governor and Mrs. Collins enjoying barbecue at mansion: Tallahassee, Florida

Governor and Mrs. Collins enjoying barbecue: Tallahassee, Florida, 1960

Long Ago

Photo Credit: TTumlin (Creative Commons)

Photo Credit: BrownWindsor (Creative Commons)

Party Recipe Ideas (3), 1962

Scanned by alsis35 (Creative Commons)

YMCA Barbecue

YMCA Barbecue - 1965

YMCA Barbecue

YMCA Barbecue - 1965

Arbaugh's Restaurant, Washington, D.C.

Arbaugh's Restaurant, D.C. - 1968 / Photo Credit NaslRogues

1947 ... spam pineapple and bbq sauce!

Scan Credit: X-Ray Delta One

And check out these meaty gems, courtesy of Charm And Poise!

Turning Large Cuts of Meat

Festive Hamburger

My Back is Killing Me, Son.  These Hot Dogs Are Done.  Period.

Meatza – Easy, Nutritious, Attractive?


This gem of culinary shellshock skill and mastery comes from the June 1976 issue of Bon Appetit magazine.

Yes that’s a pizza crust made from meatloaf.¬† Yes those are pitted avocado halves, swimming happy and care-free in a viscid hot pool of cheddar cheese sauce.¬† Parsley and tomatoes are perched atop the steaming dinner pile to¬†make it healthy.¬† I reserve the right to love the bacon. In an epic spin on “make some food look like something else,”¬†this recipe¬†uses rib-sticking¬†hand-processed meat product¬†to create an equally unhealthy comfort food.¬† I would have never considered mimicking one¬†from the other.¬†¬†But when strapped for time in the Seventies, innovation it seems came out in shades of green and brown. And topped with avocados.

“Consider the Avocado Meatza,” Bon Appetit writes, “an Americanized version of pizza.”

The method for making this quick, hearty meal starts off much like meat loaf. Instead of being baked in a loaf pan, however, the mixture gets patted out like a pie shell on a baking sheet, and coolking time is cut to a fraction. Most meat loaves required at least an hour; the Meatza takes 20 minutes.

Undiluted cheddar cheese soup goes atop the half-baked meat; avocado slices and bacon alternate pinwheel fashion over this sauce. Cherry tomato halves circle the edge and the colorfully garnished dish goes back into the oven for another 10 minutes.

Easy, nutritious, and attractive.

I’m thinking “Easy” is the only truthful claim.

I will admit that it does have a certain allure. I can’t stop looking at it, like the shapeless form at the base of a tall building that I know at one time walked upright. Like the nose of a train that took out a cow on the Great Plains. Like any recipe that uses Vegetable Jell-O. Incidentally, when I was transcribing this from the magazine, I mis-spelled meatloaf as meatload.

Either one would be accurate.

Fruitcake Tin

As my sister puts it, "Nothing to me says fruitcake like a cowboy with a lasso."

Not exactly sure what The Alamo has to do with a Charles Dickens Christmas on the lid, but I’ll just go with it. This tin has been making the rounds in my family long enough to be recognized by two generations. It has no barcodes anywhere on the tin. The fruitcake is long gone, and probably never got eaten. But these days the tin appears at family functions crammed with cookies.

Yippee Ky-Yay!

GE Percolator

Snapbucket,Filter: Lomoish,Frame: Highlight White,Redmond WA

This is Perky, our GE full-submersible percolator with coffee strength and hot water settings.  This avocado green kitchen necessity was swanky back in the day.  Still makes a great cup of coffee too.

Read the story on Intersect!

Frosty Mandarin Dessert

From Wall Of Retro

Straight out of the past, and into the Thanksgiving feast.

This year my wife dug out The New Joys of Jell-O recipe book from 1973 for our offering at Thanksgiving dinner.  Her choice: Frosty Mandarin Dessert:

From Wall Of Retro

Duplicating the recipe wasn’t cut and dry; she was not able to find full-on orange sherbet, and had to settle for orange/vanilla swirl. Still tasted good though!

Thanksgiving Dessert, 2011

From Wall Of Retro

Recipe and book ©1973 General Foods

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