Kudos to Sunset Books for capturing the essence of the mid 1970s in one photo.

Clearing out a book case upstairs, I found How To Grow House Plants from 1976.  The elements are almost countless here: rustic wood, glass tops, wide legs, farrah flip, and shag carpet.  I have visions that she is reading about the addition of Lindsey Wagner into the Six Million Dollar Man, or the fact that Billy Carter is a perpetually unexpected embarrassment to his brother Jimmy’s race for the White House.

Or maybe she’s just staring at track & field athlete Edwin Moses.

The plant under the table is Tolmiea Menzieslii, a mostly ornamental plant known to grow along the West Coast of the US.  But I’m sure enterprising members of society chose a more aromatic and mind-altering plant to go under the glass.  It’s a perfect place for a “house plant” [insert air quotes].

Right…Huh huh…huh huh huh…

Sunset Books How To Grow Houseplants 1976