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Michael Landon and The Kodak Ektra – Sept 1980

Michael Landon LIFE Magazine Sept 1980

From the back cover of the September 1980 edition of LIFE Magazine come this awesome blend of history and pop culture.  Let’s take a look at each element:

Michael Landon – He was a big star, known in later life for his honesty and family values.  He died too young.

Kodak – 100 years old at the time of the ad, Kodak is hanging on by a thread and a sliver at the age of 132.

Ektra – A camera model launched in 1941 as a rangefinder, and finishing its days as a 110 compact

The Perm – It was kind of a big deal.

Pink Knit Shirt – Chip and Muffy would be so proud


Self Portrait [1985]


There were discussions in the last post about how growing house plants was the thing in the Seventies.  It made me dig out this pic, which has a bit of Seventies laid in behind the subject matter!

This came from a Kodak 200 negative I found in storage recently.

It apparently was the last photo on the roll, because it was right next to the film’s ID tag.  Somehow it seemed right to scan them together. The photo appears to be from 1985; I don’t recall taking it, but my sisters identified the house as the one where we grew up – along with the macrame plant hanger which they made. 

For more Self-Portrait goodness from the Eighties, check out this post I published about another picture I took in 1985!

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