You may only know two of the words from this song, but they would be the only two you need to know.

I have a hard time finding another video that epitomizes 1990 than Rico Suave.  Most everyone is clean, lean, sexy, well-dressed, and looking like they’re all from Miami Beach. And the mullets, legendary in length, offset an amazing series of perms on the women.

The song features several samples, most notably for me is one from James Brown’s Give It Up or Turn It Loose and Chamo Candela by Daquiri.  In a satiric honor which also is a measure of the song’s popularity, Weird Al Yankovic covered the song in Taco Grande.  The beat and the horns are catchy enough to get stuck in your head for days.

And that is why Rico Suave is today’s Earworm Master!

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