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Sue Murray [1967]

Sue Murray By David Bailey (1967)

[Photo by David Bailey]

One thing I’ve learned, while skimming through the archives of the world for Wall Of Retro goodies, is that style and fashion can be cyclical.

What we saw decades ago can come back and grace the catwalk once again.  In a sense we could expect that style will repeat itself, given that many other things in life cycle through too – like recessions or political parties in charge of the government.  Yes, there are road bumps in style (I’m talking to you, Parachute Pants).  But fashion is often updated with better cuts and materials to intrigue yet another generation.

Or in the case of Sue Murray, style of any cut is flat out timeless.

As a member of the Swinging London fashion elite, Sue graced magazine covers and photo spreads throughout the 1960s and 1970s.  Her look appeared to be effortless and classic – rich with intriguing facial expressions, angled poses, and cheek bones which picked up shadows like those of a Greek goddess.  Shown in almost any wardrobe from the 1960s, she looks as amazing in those archive photos today as she did back then.  The fashion of the era appears fresh on her, even though the photos were taken over four decades ago.

Perusing the Intertubes, I’m not able to find a decent Bio on her – other than the fact that she was born in 1946.

Unlike her contemporary counterpart Jean Shrimpton – who walked away from modeling and has been living happily outside of the industry – Sue Murray has become a bit of an modern anamoly to me. We’ll let these three photos by David Bailey speak for themselves.


[Photo by David Bailey]

Mary Quant

[Photo by David Bailey]

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Timeless Style – 30 Reasons to love the Photography of Willem van de Poll

This pensive pose by a Paris model comes to you courtesy of a photographer I had never heard of.

In fact, it was like an act of Congress to find anything good – in English – about Willem van de Poll (1895 – 1970).  He studied photography in Vienna, and worked as a freelance press photographer throughout Europe, the Middle East, Indonesia and the Caribbean during his long career. His photographs depict life and products of the mid 20th century, with most shots being done in black and white.  Thankfully I did find a Wiki page about him in Dutch.

His style was sleak and timeless, while the lighting was often impeccable.

Evidenced above, van de Poll was able to portray a softer positive side of life in an unobtrusive way.  I would almost call him a street photographer, because many of his photos – part of a veritable truckload – seem to have that “on-the-fly” feel of his contemporaries Henri Cartier-Bresson and Vivian Maier; what set him apart from others of his time was a street photo style with polish, a dedication that discounted the notion that he simply leveled a camera and shot.  While Cartier-Bresson and Maier are better known, and seemed to catch people at their most vulnerable moments, van de Poll seemed to catch them often at their most beautiful.  His unplanned photos are as uplifting and have as much detail as the shots he set up.

I am confused on why I’ve never heard of him until now.

Below you’ll find 30 reasons to love the photography of Willem van de Poll, representing the thousands of photos he took during his lifetime.  By looking through them, I think you’ll discover – like I did – a great photographer and treasure from the era that should have more notoriety.

Fotograaf Van Haren aan boord van de ms. Nestor op weg naar Suriname


Egmund Jozef Treu, hoofdkapitein van Ganzee, 73 jaar

vrouwen, paardebloemen, Paardebloemen

Kussend bruidspaar

Model met bal / model with ball

Generaal Kruls en een vrouwelijke militair

Seinwachter bij de Lorelei aan de telefoon met andere seinposten langs de Rijn

Voorbijgangers kijken geïnteresseerd in de etalage van een boekwinkel

kerstmis, pakjes, bloemen, grummes

Duiker Fischer met een andere duiker op een boot in de Fuikbaai

vrouwen, koffiedrinken

Een geschenk voor de koningin: een doos met servetten met de namen van het konin…

carnaval, kostuums, matrozen

flessen, slaolie, slabestek, Saladine

Eerste stuurman Hans en zijn verloofde Annie gearmd op het dek van de Damco 9

Publieke schrijvers zitten met een typemachine achter een tafel op het trottoir …

glas, glazen, sinaasappels, citroenen, persen

Reiziger met bagage en een levensgrote speelgoedpop op de kade voor een schip

herenkleding, overhemden, dassen, kostuums, polo bagatelle

De kinderen van gouverneur Struycken met hun moeder in een auto bij de ontvangst…

modellen, hoeden, eliane richer

Arbeider op de kade in de haven

Vaticaanstad, basiliek St. Pieter. Hoogaltaar naar het ontwerp van Bernini met b…

bevolking, schippers, boten, Bokma, P.

Prinses Beatrix, prinses Irene en prins Bernhard kijken naar voorbij varende sch…

modellen, hoeden, De Decker, Toque, P.

Vader met kind op de arm  op de plek waar het gezin hun huis zal gaan bouwen. De…

De Franse generaal de Lattre de Tassigny

De prinsessen Irene en Margriet kijken uit een openstaand raam van het zomerhuis…


About Willem van de Poll (in Dutch) –
Photos in Dutch National Archive – At

Orange Top [1970]

I love photography from the late 1960s and early 1970s; people experimented with perspective, and created looks that were new and bold.  I won’t say anything about the top’s color, because the model is hot enough to make Orange Circus Peanuts look good!


McCall’s Winter 1970-71 Issue

One Snag Away from Ruin

McCalls Winter 70-71 Coordinates

Catch that long yarn jacket on the corner of a 1971 Chrysler car door, and you can win the bet that it will either unravel or leave it with a loop big enough to function as a handgun holster.  Extra points for the white belt and the tassels at the bottom of the skirt.


McCall’s Winter 1970-71 Issue

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