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Tans Like The Sun! [1957]

Tans Like The Sun!

This 1957 ad just goes to show that tanning beds aren’t a new phenomenon.

Somewhere in my laundry room, we have the tanning light – which uses a bulb like this one – stashed in a cupboard. They are really really hot, like buffet roast beef table hot. Just the thing to give you that added color!

Refreshment in Coca-Pulco! [1957]


This is the beyond-awesome artistic advert from the back of the February 1957 issue of National Geographic.  The graphic – depicting Acapulco Mexico in all its space-age vacation glory – was done by Robert Fawcett, a highly-noted illustrator of the period.  He died ten years after penning this Coca-Cola ad.

Five months later, Acapulco suffered a major 7.9 Earthquake.

Click on the ad picture to see a larger version.

1976 Toyota Corolla – You Asked For It. You Got It

Brown and Yellow: possibly the two least likely colors to be successful at selling cars.  Must not have made a difference in the 1970s though, because Toyota sold tons of these cars.  It was only recently, in fact, that I realized how long it had been since I’d seen one on the road.

This ad was from the back page of the July 1976 National Geographic.

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