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Little Red Car on Kodachrome [1968]

Red Car on Kodachrome

Something tells me this little red rally car outside of Novato CA has something to do with my wife’s love for the color red.

She’s also a car nut. That kind of stuff is nurtured from an early age, and since she grew up around a gearhead Dad it’s no surprise that she takes to cars with spirit and character.

This Kodachrome slide from 1968 proves it!

Novato California – October 1968

Novato California - October 1968

Kodachrome slide of my in-laws’ home in Novato CA, while they were stationed in San Francisco during the late 1960s. Father-in-law’s 1965 Pontiac Lemans (326 / 4-speed) sits in the driveway.

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