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Green Bean Supreme [1970]


After seeing this in the Pillsbury Entertainment Idea Handbook, I decided to add it to the blog post I was writing about all the pictures. But the more I looked at the photo above, the more I wanted to eat it. Something about it looked good.  Helps that I love green beans, and also that the stunning Mrs. BelRedRoad loves to cook.  She decided to make them for Easter 2012.

First thing she noticed was that mushrooms weren’t part of the recipe.

The ingredients were pretty simple: green beans, celery, and almonds.  The two latter items are sauteed before they’re mixed with the beans.  While our results looked different from the 1970 picture, they tasted great!

From: Party Like It’s 1970

Gossipy Sweet Buns

Gossipy Sweet Buns

Scan credit: Reid Beels (Creative Commons)

I’m confused.  Is Sweet Buns the cook, or is the Cook making Sweet Buns?  Guess it doesn’t matter with such awesome Sixties art. Capri Pants and Princess Phone for the win!

If you want to view the recipe full size, just click HERE.

Original Scan courtesy of Reid Beels: On Flickr

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