African Salt Pepper Toothpick Set

These beauties are straight out of the 1960s or 70s, and came from Africa.  They are ringed with porcupine quills.  My parents worked in the Missions field when I was little, and had many colleagues who were stationed in Africa.  These came back as a gift, and were actively used at our dinner table the entire time I lived at home.

How did I end up with them?

As my folks have gotten older, they are more than willing to let some things go from the past.  One sister and I are fairly sentimental about the past, while the other sister is not quite as much.  Each of us has a certain household item that we hold near and dear, as a reference point in growing up.

And for me, it’s this shaker and toothpick set that I love looking at…while my wife just sort of scratches her head.

I’ve got them at work now 🙂

African Toothpick Holder