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Retro Selfie [1979]

Retro Selfie [1979]

Sometimes a self-portrait captures youth in its beautiful stages. This is not one of them. I was 15 and messing around with my camera and tripod at home. The mesh trucker hat – now revered once more after years of being reviled – sings praises to the kind of muffler I had installed on my first car. The snap-up plaid shirt was well worn and – quite frankly – a bit small for me even then. If it weren’t for the sweet 70s lamp in the background, this scene could be mistaken for the swinging entry doors of a saloon. I didn’t know much about composition back then.

But I sure knew how to look like the guy who delivered your paper on a beat-up BMX bike!

Self Portrait [1985]

Portrait on The Floating Bridge - 1985

I love before & after shots.

There’s something inherently cool about being able to duplicate a photograph from the past, to see what the differences are between the old and the new.  I did exactly that a couple of years ago, when I came across a 1985 photo I took of myself on the Lacy V. Murrow Bridge across Lake Washington (aka “The Floating Bridge”).  The shot I took back in the day couldn’t be redone, because there is no longer a sidewalk along the south side of the span.  But still, it was fun to see how much things have changed.

And even since the stunning Mrs. BelRedRoad took the 2010 photo, I’ve lost 50 pounds, so change keeps coming.

For more about this self portrait, read my write-up on Intersect –

Star Wars, Gerbils and A Shiny Shirt [1978]

Okay, so I wasn’t all that cool in the 1970s.

But at least I had good taste in posters.  The more I looked at this picture taken of me in 1978, the more I remembered from that time.

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Self Portrait [1985]


There were discussions in the last post about how growing house plants was the thing in the Seventies.  It made me dig out this pic, which has a bit of Seventies laid in behind the subject matter!

This came from a Kodak 200 negative I found in storage recently.

It apparently was the last photo on the roll, because it was right next to the film’s ID tag.  Somehow it seemed right to scan them together. The photo appears to be from 1985; I don’t recall taking it, but my sisters identified the house as the one where we grew up – along with the macrame plant hanger which they made. 

For more Self-Portrait goodness from the Eighties, check out this post I published about another picture I took in 1985!

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