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Lois Poolside, Kodachrome Slide [1971]

Lois, Poolside

Courtesy of The Pie Shops, which recently bought a 2000-slide collection showing Rex & Lois (last name unknown) as they traveled around the Western US and Mexican in the 1960s and 70s.

Love her sunglasses.

If I didn’t know this was taken in 1971, I would almost be convinced into thinking it was more recent!

Space Needle on Kodachrome [ca. 1980]

Space Needle - Kodachrome Slide

Seattle’s Space Needle is immediately recognizable as a city icon…at least to the folks around here.  But when I bought this slide from an eBayer in Arizona, it was described as “35mm Slide Parking Lot w/ Tower.”  Never heard it called a tower, but we can go with that.  Besides: If it had been labeled as “Space Needle” the photo would have sold before I got to it!

This Kodakchrome slide is not dated; I would time it circa late 1970s or early 1980s.  The SkyLine level – added 100-foot up in 1982 – does not appear on the structure.  Cars in the scene include a Plymouth Volare, 1963-ish Ford Falcon, BMW 320i and Volvo station wagon.  The structure behind the man’s head is the track for the Monorail – another Seattle icon.

If you can’t get enough of the Space Needle, take a look at its timeline on Intersect.  Also, check out some of the Space Needle shots I’ve taken over the years:

Walking on The Beach in Polyester [1973]

Couple Walking Dogs on Beach - November 1973

The envelope came in the mail early this week.

I opened it to find two photo slides, and viewed the glory of my recent eBay find: Couple Walking Dogs on Beach, November 1973.  This Ektachrome slide has an unknown photographer, location and couple.  I’m having trouble figuring out exactly what that is out in the water.  The whole thing is a mystery, even the reason for taking the picture in the first place.

But their fashion says volumes.

They loved to coordinate their pastels, materials and pets.  Their time spent together – even handling the everyday tasks like walking the dogs – were handled at the height of fashion.  We can look at this slide for all the unknowns, and know they enjoyed each others company.

So in the end love conquers all mystery.

Father-In-Law was a Cool Traveler in `64

Recently a bag of slides appeared in the mail from my wife’s aunt. The note said, “Thought you might like these slides from Grandmother’s collection. I’ve had these for several years!” The bag was truly a treasure trove of memories, depicting my wife’s parent in their twenties around the time that she was born.

Best of all, many of them were Kodachrome and still had the rich colors the media type was known for.

This slide was taken somewhere in Oregon or Washington, while the wife’s family was on a camping trip. She would have been just a month old at that point. The car – possibly a 1962 Pontiac – was owned by her grandparents. The Security Traveler “canned ham” trailer: pure Sixties righteousness. My father-in-law, ever thin as he is today, takes a drag off his Marlboro and looks pensively into his Dad’s camera. I love the design in his shirt, and the pencil-thin pants.  The clothes and the stance depict the essence of cool.  While he no longer smokes, to this day he stands in the same way.

And so does my brother-in-law!

Going Through the Slides on Staten Island [1966]

Going Through the Slides - ca. 1966

Family friends are seen here going through photographic slides in 1966, on a card table my in-laws’ living room on Staten Island NY.  I love her pearls, her smile, and the look on his face.  Classic black & white Sixties.

We still own/use that Samsonite folding table, 46 years later.  I probably have the slides they are looking through.  The photo was taken with this Yashica 44 camera, probably by my father-in-law. Some Wall Of Retro visitors will recognize this to be the same home as this post!

Party Like It’s 1966

My father-in-law was stationed in New York City during the mid-1960s.  During his tour he took a lot of pictures around NYC, most of which I have now.

These photos are from an officers’ party they had at their Staten Island home one night in 1966.

That’s my future wife sneaking snacks from the table.  She’s still cute 🙂

We still have the orange and green lamps in this picture!

Little Red Car on Kodachrome [1968]

Red Car on Kodachrome

Something tells me this little red rally car outside of Novato CA has something to do with my wife’s love for the color red.

She’s also a car nut. That kind of stuff is nurtured from an early age, and since she grew up around a gearhead Dad it’s no surprise that she takes to cars with spirit and character.

This Kodachrome slide from 1968 proves it!

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