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Quilting Overload [1973]

Quilting Overload 1973

Exhausted from Quilting

This is truly a time capsule of awesomeness.

Sunset Books put out “Quilting & Patchwork” in 1973, and these are the color pictures from that publication.  I have to tread lightly when it comes to quilting, because my Mom, my oldest sister, and the stunning Mrs. BelRedRoad all love it.  But after viewing these photos yesterday, even my Mom called the photo above “dreadful.”  So I figured I could poke a little bit of fun in any case.

Quilting Overload Tie 1973

Donna and Stan heading out for a night at the Rec Center

Quilting Overload Tennis 1973

Ad copy might read “You’ll 15-Love this tastefully quilted racquet cover!”

Quilting Overload Swirl 1973

Is it chocolate? A bird? Dirt? Top of a coffee drink?

Quilting Overload Skirt 1973

This could be my friend’s Mom at his 9th birthday.

Quilting Overload Mushrooms 1973


Quilting Overload Caftan 1973

Quilted Caftan!

After writing about Caftans recently, finding this picture was like a total win.

Quilting Overload Caftan 2 1973

Perfect for working at the Co-Op.

Quilting Overload Beach Throw 1973

Honestly, this could be 2013 instead of 1973.

Quilting Overload Apron 1973

Whatever she’s cooking has no meat. And a lot of cold lima beans.

Mid-Century Style [1967]


Sunset Books: Ideas for Planning Your New Home

From the Intro:

The house on the cover is a provocative example of what can be done with the use of sky-lights. Glass walls open the house to the out-of-doors and the unusual sky-light system opens the roof over every room. Architect: Jacob Robbins

House Plant Table

Kudos to Sunset Books for capturing the essence of the mid 1970s in one photo.

Clearing out a book case upstairs, I found How To Grow House Plants from 1976.  The elements are almost countless here: rustic wood, glass tops, wide legs, farrah flip, and shag carpet.  I have visions that she is reading about the addition of Lindsey Wagner into the Six Million Dollar Man, or the fact that Billy Carter is a perpetually unexpected embarrassment to his brother Jimmy’s race for the White House.

Or maybe she’s just staring at track & field athlete Edwin Moses.

The plant under the table is Tolmiea Menzieslii, a mostly ornamental plant known to grow along the West Coast of the US.  But I’m sure enterprising members of society chose a more aromatic and mind-altering plant to go under the glass.  It’s a perfect place for a “house plant” [insert air quotes].

Right…Huh huh…huh huh huh…

Sunset Books How To Grow Houseplants 1976

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