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Raglan For Boys And Girls [1964]

One can find all sorts of fun things at a thrift store. In my case, I found a coverless Bear Brand pattern book called Raglans for Boys and Girls – Sizes 4 to 14. It was Volume #80 from 1964, and sold for a whopping 85 cents new. Not only were there pictures of the products, but also instructions on how to make them.


“X+Y…Girl+Boy…Huh huh huh heheheh,,,”

I was immediately taken by the fact that these kid models were super-clean cut and not-cheesy.  Oddly, some of the styles from nearly fifty years ago would go over well even now, in an environment where conservative dress is required.


Others aren’t so fortunate:


“Suzy? Can I have the rest of my dress now?”


The next picture shows how photo editing was done prior to have computers:


The boy was not part of the original picture; he was taped in behind the dog and next to the girl.  If you look closely above her, you’ll see the cut line in a zig zag pattern with the bricks.

No photo editors required 🙂


“But Jenny, their tentacles are starting to push through my scalp and they burn…”


“Mom was right. It did shoot my eye out.”


As dawn breaks, she sings the praises of the Motherland…


“So…your sister’s ball is kinda bouncy…”



“But my gym teacher says I’ll be taller than you in six months…”


She has two weeks worth of her wardrobe lined up in an orderly fashion.


“Maggie, I spit on my hand…”

Lopi Wool Sweaters [1974]

Reyolds Sweater Catalog [1974]

So warm, so furry, so stylish…

The model on the front drew me to the magazine rack at Goodwill with the knit wrap and a hairstyle that was vaguely in current style.  In burgundy – or even the original brown for that matter – I could imagine seeing the woman above walking around today.  I had to look twice at the magazine to figure out what year it was from.  Huh?  1974?  I would have never figured that far back.  Maybe `76.  But then the model’s lapels say older 🙂

Reyolds Sweater Catalog [1974]

The periodical was published by Reynolds Yarns Inc. – which started in 1960 and is now part of JCA Crafts. Reynolds specialized in high-dollar Lopi wool from icelandic sheep.  Inside the issue there are directions on how to knit the clothing shown by the models.

Editor Molly Greenfeder wrote the following on the inside cover of Volume 80 from 1974:

Once again we boarded the Loftlieder Jet at New York’s Kennedy Airport for our annual trip to Iceland. This time we visited the Vestman Island and with the Icelandic Government’s permission, were allowed to go to the Island of Neimaey, where the latest volcanic eruption had just come to an end. The devastation it had left behind was immense, but what impressed us was the fact that these courageous people were able to evacuate every inhabitant within four hours. Now they were retruning in small numbers every day, to try to start a new life. Our photograph of garment #8003 (right above here in the post), shows our model Ervan standing atop still smouldering lava. In subsequent issues we will try to show many more of the photographs taken on that Island.

We hope you will enjoy making these new model garments as much as we enjoyed designing them.

Reyolds Sweater Catalog [1974]

Reyolds Sweater Catalog [1974]

Reyolds Sweater Catalog [1974]

Copyright 1974 Reynolds Yarns Inc.
Editor: Molly R. Greenfeder
Assistant Editor: Rita E. Greenfeder
Photographs by Stanley Conley

Good Friends and Warm Sweaters

Two Warm Sweaters and a Cold One

Jim and Jennifer warm up with their friend Tristan, who is currently appearing in the Off-Broadway rendition of Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.


McCall’s Winter 1970-71 issue

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