Sue Murray By David Bailey (1967)

[Photo by David Bailey]

One thing I’ve learned, while skimming through the archives of the world for Wall Of Retro goodies, is that style and fashion can be cyclical.

What we saw decades ago can come back and grace the catwalk once again.  In a sense we could expect that style will repeat itself, given that many other things in life cycle through too – like recessions or political parties in charge of the government.  Yes, there are road bumps in style (I’m talking to you, Parachute Pants).  But fashion is often updated with better cuts and materials to intrigue yet another generation.

Or in the case of Sue Murray, style of any cut is flat out timeless.

As a member of the Swinging London fashion elite, Sue graced magazine covers and photo spreads throughout the 1960s and 1970s.  Her look appeared to be effortless and classic – rich with intriguing facial expressions, angled poses, and cheek bones which picked up shadows like those of a Greek goddess.  Shown in almost any wardrobe from the 1960s, she looks as amazing in those archive photos today as she did back then.  The fashion of the era appears fresh on her, even though the photos were taken over four decades ago.

Perusing the Intertubes, I’m not able to find a decent Bio on her – other than the fact that she was born in 1946.

Unlike her contemporary counterpart Jean Shrimpton – who walked away from modeling and has been living happily outside of the industry – Sue Murray has become a bit of an modern anamoly to me. We’ll let these three photos by David Bailey speak for themselves.


[Photo by David Bailey]

Mary Quant

[Photo by David Bailey]

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