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Rock Me Doctor Zaius!

Dr. Zaius Action Figure 1998

Dr. Zaius Action Figure 1998

Saw this in an antique store. While this Action Figure is from 1998, it is a 30th anniversary commemorative for the 1968 movie Planet Of The Apes. Dr. Zaius was an Orangutan who in public rejected the theory that man had at one time been more advanced than ape.


Courtesy of Decepticreep

At the same time Zaius was also a leader on the ape council who knew the secret about the relationship between ape and man. What was that forbidden truth? This spoiler final clip from the movie might help 🙂

Mr. Music See N Say [1966]

Another trinket from our family archives!

The stunning Mrs. BelRedRoad has owned this Mattel See N Say ever since she was a little girl in 1966 – about the time these photos were taken in Staten Island NY.  I have known about this toy almost as long as I’ve known her.  Recently pulled out of storage, I decided it was time to document its existence and record its sounds.

The audio is activated by a pull string, and comes from a small record player inside the toy.

Watch the video below – which I took with the help of BelRedRoad Jr. while he pointed to each instrument and pulled the string.  My wife’s favorite sound is “Guitar!” which she and her brother will randomly quote off to each other at family events.


Hot Wheels Splittin’ Image [1969]

Picked this up on eBay last week.

The Splittin’ Image was part of the Hot Wheels 1969 model year, along with several other cars.  It was designed by Ira Gilford, who also designed the sleek Twin Mill.  Splittin’ Image was available in several colors; since blue is my favorite, I feel very fortunate to have found one – especially since it’s over 40 years old!  The car is heavy compared to the current crop of cars.  The ‘Red Line” tires and “Made in Hong Kong” on the bottom identify it as a vintage piece.  While not a perfect specimen, this one is still a beautiful blue example of Sixties design.

Best thing about collecting Hot Wheels is that a majority of them are inexpensive.

New cars from the store range in price from 97-cents to $1.29; higher end models, new collectibles,  or special editions go for $1.99 to $4.99.  The vintage Splittin’ Image above was a not-whopping $8.50 on eBay, after someone tried to outbid me in the last four seconds of the auction.  Bottom line: It’s a hobby that kids can still latch onto – just as they could in the 1960s – because of the low cost involved.

As a kid I had several Hot Wheels, including the famous Red Baron.

I have no idea what happened to those cars, and I started buying Hot Wheels again in the mid 1990s.  When my oldest son turned three we started buying him Hot Wheels.  He has what’s left of my collection, along with a multitude of others that have been acquired along the way.  Most of them get used as toys – like they should – but he also has a number of them which are for collector purposes only.  And what about his old man?

I have my own cubicle collection at work 🙂

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