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Family Portrait [1970]

Going through old photos with my sisters today at our parents’ house after Easter Dinner. My Mom put together an envelope for each of us kids, filled with all sorts of gems from the past. This is one of them, taken somewhere along Puget Sound in Western Washington. We had recently moved the Washington, so my “Sand Point Alaska” sweatshirt still fit my 6-year old frame.

Of course my sisters are super cute!

Fill It To The Rim…With BRIM! [1970]

1970-12-11 Life P020 by Wishbook
1970-12-11 Life P020, a photo by Wishbook on Flickr.

Sundays after church in the 1970s smelled like black coffee and sugar cookies. Brim figures heavily into this memory!

3rd Birthday with Bert & Ernie Cake [1982]

Happy Birthday to Jordan Smith, aka The Pie Shops Collection on Flickr – who is part of a dedicated crew who document the last four decades through Americana and vintage media. His photostream is one of my favorites!

Check it out here >

Walter Cronkite And The Home of The 21st Century [1967]

This 25-minute news piece from 1967 predicts home computers, the mass appeal of microwave cooking, personal robots, and green construction.  The bank of monitors in the den and teletype in the kitchen are quite the indicator that – even in the 1960s – people knew that technology would invade every corner of our homes.

There was nothing like the reporting style of Walter Cronkite, whose news copy read like a celebration of the English language:

“The search for a home nestled in nature often ends in the empty repetition and tasteless sterility of a suburban tract development. Instead of delighting in natural beauty, urban sprawl defiles it.”

Now THAT’S A Tie! [1974]

56-054 by Nick DeWolf Photo Archive
56-054, a photo by Nick DeWolf Photo Archive on Flickr.

Courtesy of the Nick DeWolf Archives. The beard, the coat, and the tie all point to a time when anything could be combined for fashion – especially in a place like San Francisco where this was taken. Nick took thousands of photos in his lifetime, and his son-in-law Steve Lundeen has taken on the monumental task of digitizing the entire thing. Current there are over 64,000 of Nick’s photos online at Flickr. Most of them were never seen by the public before.

Steve’s been at it now for several years and he’s still going. Check out the entire reel that this tie photo came from:


“And this emulsion makes peroxide more effective on hair.”

I couldn’t help captioning this 1971 photo when I saw the ‘do behind the apparatus! According to the Elgin County, Ontario archives, this is actually a working model of the human heart-lung system – instead of a contraption to make one more blond.

But I can dream! 🙂

Shiny New Cadillacs [1966}

These are from the era “when Giant Cars ruled the Earth.” I see a white Coupe deVille in the back, and a pair of Fleetwoods. With all that floor-to-ceiling glass and shiny chrome, that is MY kind of dealership!

Scan courtesy of X-Ray Delta One on Flickr

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