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Typewriters and Bunny Ears [1967]

Typewriters and Bunny Ears by KurtClark
Typewriters and Bunny Ears, a photo by KurtClark on Flickr.

Dateline: Sand Point AK – While frantically typing away to capture the story, the reporter’s friends do everything in their power to keep the story from happening. Is this collusion of rivals, or good-hearted ribbing? Only the resulting article will tell.

Uncle Doug and The Harley

Uncle Doug and The Harley by KurtClark
Uncle Doug and The Harley, a photo by KurtClark on Flickr.

Always fun to see family photos like this. My Uncle Doug was jist a kid when he was put on the seat of this hardtail. Our family has a long history with motorcyles; my Grandpa Harlow rode Harley-Davidson in high school during the 1920s, and I ride a Sportster today. Given that, I’m not surprised that this picture exists!

Love In The Jet Age [1973]


Taken in Boston MA at Constitution Beach by Michael Manheim, for the Documerica Project.

Space Needle and Seattle Center [1970]

I willingly and proudly post pictures of the Seattle of my youth whenever I have a chance! Photo is courtesy of the Seattle Municipal Archives, and looks east towards the Cascade Mountain Range. Photographer would have been airborne above Elliott Bay.

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